Fergus Kelly: Leaching The Pith

Gleam Lulling The Limbs Neutral And Inert

Shear Afterimage Tide Pull Seepage


Leaching The Pith was created from studio and live recordings made in 2004 by

Fergus Kelly: cabinet of curiosities

David Lacey: percussion/electronics

Dennis McNulty: computer

Paul Vogel: computer


Amnesty benefit concert at Trinity College Dublin November 2004.

Though some elements have been left clean, most of these recordings have been significantly altered and abstracted.

"On Leaching the Pith, Kelly's principal source material is a performance given by the quartet, in the same chapel (as RTCD8 album), in 2004. Although the resonance characteristics and the instrumentation are the same, Kelly abstracts elements from the material and in the process de-emphasises the cohesiveness of the group as well as altering the pace and graduated flow of the music.

He teases out elements that were tightly woven into the music's fabric and, in looping and modifying them, gives them an entirely different complexion. The CD's seven pieces, and in particular those in which the source material is represented by only a time-stretched snippet, such as "Shear", "Afterimage", and especially the exquisite "Lulling the Limbs" shimmer in and out of focus like a mirage."

Brian Marely, The Wire